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Liberate Your Hardware

Computer technology evolves at a slower pace these days, so it may not be necessary to have the very latest tech. Big brand flagship models from a couple years ago can often be found at low cost online, yet work nearly as well when used with Free and Open Source Software.

Digital Nomads

In the future we will work more often outside the office, either from home or when travelling. Technology needs to be flexible enough to make that happen. Your devices should be lightweight but tough.

Thinkpad T470p

We use mostly Thinkpads from Lenovo because they can be easily serviced and upgraded. Spares and support are quickly available. They comply with the MIL-STD-810G military certifications. Even the BIOS can be liberated on some models.

Steps Towards Freedom

  1. Find the right PC or laptop for your requirements.

  2. Install a Free (Libre) Open Source Software (FOSS) operating system like Debian GNU/Linux, plus all the free applications for all your projects.

  3. Encrypt your personal data storage, like your /home/ directory. We can explain that to you in details.

  4. Only sign up to freedom respecting internet services. Avoid the big data grabbers like Apple, Fakebook, Google, Microsoft, and such. Also resist signing up with your real name and personal data.

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